Scottish Winter January 2017 Update

This season has seen a roller coaster of winter conditions from superb to Spring like. Over the past month we have had over 25 days out training people for the Greater Ranges, providing skill courses for the BMC, training a BBC Scotland filming team in Avalanche awareness for their trip to the Alps, Cotswold Staff Training and dog scrambling techniques  as well as ascents of winter gullies and snowy ridges. Yes it has not been a perfect winter but we all have something to learn and we have had some stunning weather. As we move forward to February snow is forecast for the weekend and work continues as normal. Thank you to Alan Kimber, Dave Barker, Paul Lewis, Iain Murray, Spike Sellers and Nick Cannon Jones for guiding and instructing and to all the participants who have made the effort to travel North. For regular updates of conditions and whats happening go to the Adele Pennington Mountaineering Facebook Page