Ben Nevis Summits all round! 11th February

Conditions have settled down a bit now and we have good snow cover over the hills. After a week of climbing some of the Classic Scottish Ridges it was time to take Fiona and Ken up Ben Nevis. Their first winter hill walk we packed our bags, crampons and axes and set off up the mighty mountain. On the trail we came across a group shelter where George , Adam and Dad were hiding from the wind and feeling up for the final push. On December 28th I had met the boys but unfortunately they had to retreat. Today was different and leaving some of the ” Just in case ” items behind they reached the top. Well done to Fiona and Ken and to the boys who had gone back for their second attempt. A great day out and I have to say its not often I have tears of emotion on my back yard hill. Next week I shall be working on the Jagged Globe winter mountaineering courses. If you are heading out to the Scottish hills please check the SAIS avalanche conditions and weather safe climbing everyone.