Introductory Winter Skills

Introductory Winter Skills designed to ensure your safety and enjoyment when walking in the UK mountains in Winter conditions.

Dates and Cost
Dates December to April
Cost per day £185 for 1 person. Plus £20 per additional group member.


Important Information 
Included in the Cost Loan of ice axe, crampons and helmet
Maximum Number There will only ever be 4 participants to one instructor to ensure you get the most out of the course.
Duration Minimum 1 day to a recommended maximum of 4 to 5 days.
Where will it be based. Ben Nevis area or Glencoe. Fort William is an ideal location and has a number of accommodation options.
Pre requisites Summer hill walking experience.


More Detail

For you to feel confident and to enjoy the hills safely in winter it is important that you have a good idea of the clothing you need to wear, the equipment you need to pack and the weather and snow conditions you might encounter. Before we set out onto the hills we will ensure you have all the necessary equipment with you and examine the weather and avalanche forecasts to plan our day.

Once we reach the snowline we can focus on the core skills which will ensure your safety and help you to develop the independence you need to enjoy winter hill walking :

These include:

  • Personal movement on snow
  • Kicking Steps
  • Use of ice axe for walking, self-belay and self-arrest.
  • Putting crampons on.
  • Use of crampons for sideways, up and down movement on snow.

Once you have got to grips with these skills we can turn our attention to learn more about the environment we are in and concentrate on:

  • Route choice
  • Avalanche avoidance
  • Winter Navigation
  • Emergency procedures

If you invest more than one day on your winter skills training you will have more time to practice your skills, enjoy a mountain summit or two and learn more. Every day out adds to your experience and builds your confidence to venture out safely into the winter wonderland.

Adele’s training is very outdoors orientated and on each day you can expect to spend at least six hours on the hill. In order to make the most of our first day’s training, we will often take mechanical uplift using the Nevis Range Gondola (£11.50) or Glencoe ski area chairlift (£6) to get us straight into the snow. Of course you can walk if you like but paying the extra cost is highly recommended.


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