After Dinner Speaking

Not shy to entertain Adele has developed her own style in after dinner speaking. Light hearted and in tune with her audience Adele will relate her after dinner speak to those attending and entertain any group of people. With fascinating stories to tell and funny anecdotes, Adele senses the mood of the clientele and can provide a perfect conclusion to any dining event.

Adele is happy to do her homework, personalise the speech and to find out secrets of those around the dinner table. The aim is to entertain and not put to sleep so with a good rapport and interesting content why not ask Adele to come and entertain your guests.

The Retail management team and (most importantly) our guests at the dinner last night were really entertained and inspired by listening to your presentation…many thanks for joining us. Shell UK

After Dinner speeches:

Shell UK

North Yorkshire Head Teachers conference


Cleveland Mountaineering Club

Llangollen Ladies Club

Cairn Gorm Club