Learning rope work for scrambling

Ever found yourself in a situation where you thought a rope would be handy “ if only you knew how to use one safely” This two day course is designed to teach you and your scrambling friends enough rope work to ensure you can protect yourselves and the rest of the party whilst enjoying scrambling.


Dates and Cost
Dates All year
Cost per day £185 for 1 person. Plus £20 per additional group member.


Important Information 
Maximum Number A maximum of four people on a course.
Duration Two days
Where are the courses based? West Coast of Scotland. Glencoe or Fort William area
Pre requisites Some hill walking experience.


More Detail

Scrambling is perhaps one of the most dangerous pastimes we do in the mountains. Moving solo on rocky terrain often with precipitous drops around us is exhilarating but is also very hazardous. Learning a few rope work techniques could save your day or even your life out on the hills.

This two day course is designed specifically to teach you simple rope work techniques that may be required on any rocky scramble. There are no complicated knots or rope trickery but straight forward rope management.

To start with we will look at some techniques to ensure good footwork and protecting a solo scrambler. We will then start using the rope to protect a leader and the following team members in ascent, descent and across ridges.

On day 2 we will choose a suitable scramble depending on the conditions and under supervision you will look after each other putting into practice what you learnt on the first day.

With your knew skills you should then feel more confident about tackling some classic scambles safely on your own.


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