Learning to Navigate

Do you ever find yourself scared at the thought of being lost in the mountains? Most of us have made navigational hiccups and have been frightened or very embarrassed. It is a known fact that most mountain accidents can be attributed to an initial navigation or route finding error. Learning how to navigate is the key to success and safety in the hills.


Dates and Cost
Dates April to December
Cost per day £185 for 1 person. Plus £20 per additional group member.


Important Information 
Maximum Number There will only ever be 4 participants to one instructor to ensure you get the most out of your day
Duration Minimum 1 day to a recommended maximum of 3 days.
Where are the courses based? Fort William
Pre requisites None


More Detail

Most people think of navigation as using a map and compass, a GPS or smart phone. These are merely the hand held tools we use to help us on our journey in the mountains. It is not only knowing whereabouts you are in relation to the map but the ability to read the terrain and look for clues to successfully complete your journey.

Many of us will remember looking at maps at school and we would diligently learn how to take a bearing and walk from A to B. This is important but there are so many other things to learn that cannot be written down or visualised from a book.

Adele has a variety of techniques to teach navigation and route finding in the mountains. Everyone learns at different rates and the ability to interpret a three dimensional picture of the land when looking a two dimensional map doesn’t come easy to some of us. Allowing Adele to show you different strategies to improve your navigation is a great way forward.

Topics covered on a navigational course

  • Route planning
  • Route Finding
  • Types of Map
  • Map to ground interpretation
  • Use of GPS and Smart Phones
  • Use of a compass
  • Timing
  • Pacing
  • Access Issues
  • Affects of the weather
  • Negotiating different types of terrain
  • Night Navigation
  • Winter Navigation
  • Being lost
  • Being scared

The mountains of Scotland provide an excellent training ground to learn these new skills. With few man made paths and very remote hills you can test your navigation and challenge yourself so that you feel comfortable navigating anywhere in the UK.

If you are interested in taking qualifications to either improve your personal skills or to lead others then look at the array of hill and mountain qualifications available.


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