Keeping Fit and Motivated for the Mountains during Lock down

Now after a month of lock-down it looks unlikely that any return to normality soon is not on the cards. Many of us have had to cancel trips and expeditions and miss our mountain fix. The beautiful weather is enticing but we must adhere to the restrictions and take our daily exercise locally and where we are not in danger of having to call out the emergency services.

With this in mind, I have been exploring my local area by bicycle and searching out little grassy hills to walk up to ensure I keep my legs going for the return to the mountains when it happens.  Never having been a fitness fanatic or gym visitor I now find myself taking my own advice that I have given to many people about how to get fit for the hill; knowing it’s going to hurt when we return to operations as normal.

Regularly (like every day) taking at least 2 hours of exercise a day cycling or walking seems to be helping both physically and mentally. Pushing the distance on the road bike and discovering new easy trails on the mountain bike have been a revelation. Keeping a log of what you do also encourages you on one of those “flat days” when as to speak we cannot be bothered. Oh and yes I do have those!

I am very privileged where I live here in the Highlands with nature and beauty surrounding me but it is the mental mindset that allows us to be positive and get up and go.

Although we can not make definite plans we can keep motivated by planning new adventures. Feel free to call 07968983146 or e-mail [email protected]

If you have any ideas and just want to chat things through then speak up.

Winter bookings for 2021 are flowing in and I am sincerely hoping we will be able to resume some sort of  Mountain Activities after the Summer

Take care folks; stay safe and keep fit.