Patience whilst we wait to return to the mountains May 15th 2020

Many times in the mountains we have had to exercise patience before going for that summit push or climb we really want to do. Going when conditions are not right can lead to catastrophy. Safety should always go first and the ability to say NO and Wait is so important. So is keeping motivated and getting everything lined up so when the time is right you are ready to go. Mental resilience during this time is the key.  Despite how difficult it may be every little step forward in maintaining your physical and mental fitness, organising youre equipment and time. Planning , plotting scheming and getting excited abouut youre next route, summit or project is like a gently burning fire so dont let the embers go out.

Watching my mileage on my bike increase and planning little outings and DIY projects is keeping my fire burning, not to say that the embers have nearly burnt out at times  but they have flickered back into flame with a chat to a mate or a plan to push myself on a bike ride.

Adele Pennington Mountaineering is eager to resume normality but only when it is safe to do so will we be back up in action.

Stay strong safe and patient folks and get in touch if you have any plans you want to discuss to keep youre fire burning.