Getting ready and prepared to return the mountains. 4th June 2020

Another 2 weeks pass and restrictions in Scotland are being lifted very slowly;  we can now drive for 5 miles, meet someone from another household as long as we stay outside and visit the mountains. In the hills advice is to act with judgement in order to reduce the risk of having to call the emergency services and to adhere to the 2m distancing rule.

It has been a great pity to see that some people have flouted the rules and travelled to our beauty spots leaving their rubbish behind and even removing safety rails on the Lost Valley approach path to burn on their campfires. I believe this would not be the locals from whom I have only seen exemplary behaviour.  Incidents in the Lake District, Peak District and other beauty spots in England and Wales have also shown the lack of consideration by certain individuals.

If you are reading this post I imagine you are also outraged.

On a more positive note Adele Pennington Mountaineering is now preparing and planning for a return to work which has lifted spirits and pushed me into action. It is still unknown when we will be able to travel further distances or when the tourist businesses such as hotels, campsites, B and Bs will open, but as I would say in the mountains our weather window may be arriving soon so it is important to be ready for it.

I have been contacting booked clients and writing new operational guidelines for when we return t the mountains. No, it will not be the same for a while but with operational guidelines in place, paying caution to the rules there is no reason that we cannot return to the mountains.

Exercising judgement for ones selfs activities and for instructing/guiding clients comes with experience. Plans may have to be adopted to ensure we reduce the risk of Covid -19 and minimise any impact of our activities on the local services.

This last couple of weeks I have continued to cycle but with the roads getting busier I have chosen quiet locations. I have also touched rock for the first time in months. To start with it felt very alien to be climbing on the rock but after a couple of routes I began to relax and the disco leg disappeared. Choosing the right venue to avoid the crowds, the right grade to climb and exercise the 2m distancing rule is possible with careful consideration.

I cannot say or predict when Adele Pennington Mountaineering will resume business but if you have any questions, enquiries or would like to discuss future operational procedures then please get in touch. At the moment I do not intend to travel outside the UK but have not ruled out the Calpe sun and rock trips that I normally run in November/ December.

This last few months have been a perfect time for reflection and we can only move on and look forward to future days out even if we have to adapt to new procedures.